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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Limitless Shefa

A poor farmer asks a rich man for a donation of some food and hands him a plastic bag to fill up. The rich man says "I will give you a whole TRUCKFUL of food! You don't need this bag."

The poor man has never seen a truck, doesn't know what a truck is and asks that the rich man just fill up the bag.

We are the poor man. Hashem has limitless shefa [bounty] to shower upon us but our keilim are so deficient. He wants to bestow upon us such bracha but we are all too often satisfied with some crumbs.

[Sefer Yichud Hahisbodedus]

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  1. On the plus side...

    Hashem cursed the nachash that it not have legs, and that it will eat the dust of the earth (among other things). Why is having food whereever he goes a curse? As Chazal explain, because Hashem was in effect saying, "I'll take care of you once, so that you'll just leave Me alone going forward."

    Yes, it's sad we're turning away the truckload of food. OTOH, this puniness means that we will need to turn to our Father repeatedly to ask for the next crumb and the next crumb.