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Interaction and discussion of practical ideas and concepts toward this end, culled from any Torah true source is welcome and appreciated.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Delicious Bracha

You are about to eat something. WAIT!!!

Close your eyes. Think "I am about to do the mitzva of blessing Hashem".

Then say very deliberately "Baruch" - You are the source of ALL blessing!

"Atah" - I am speaking directly to the Master of All Being!:)

"Hashem" - He was, is and will be, the eternal source of mercy and love.

"Elokeinu Melech Ha'olam" - You RUN THE SHOW. The King. Not a flesh and blood king with countless human foibles but PERFECTION.

"Borei Mi'nei Mezonos" - You create cookies, cakes, crackers, pretzels. You are the BEST!!


Now eat the food. It will taste better than it would have had you not made the bracha because you APPRECIATE it.

But the bracha will be yet tastier.

Do this a hundred times a day - and you will NEVER be the same.

[Based on the Rebbe in BMT and the Alei Shor]


  1. What I tend to think, when I think while saying a berakhah at all:

    Barukh - The Source

    Atah - You, who I can refer to as "You" because

    Hashem - You are "above" Time and Space, and thus great enough to relate to me in particular, not just the universe or world as a unit, and thus able to care about me and be merciful on me

    E-lokeinu -- who also makes our laws, both natural and moral, that the personal touch implied by "Hashem" isn't in contrast to the universal view of a remote Lawmaker

    Melekh haOlam -- who rules the world in the world's best interests


  2. Wow....
    Great stuff to consider.
    Reb Ally, I especially liked the fact that you pause before even making the beracha to reflect on what you are about to do; that helps to make sure that we are "in the moment" which is integral to having proper kavanah.

    Reb Micha - I liked your intention by "HaShem/Elokeinu", specifically the focus on the personal relationship that we have. By internalizing the idea that HaShem deals with each of us personally, loves and cares about each of us as we are, not as a homogeneous group - we come to appreciate that fact. That in turn should spur us to nurture the relationship...

  3. I can personally attest to the fact that even after R' Ehrman makes the Bracha, he takes an added moment of Kavanah - 'Wow, I just blessed Hashem, I hope I can be Mekadesh this Gashmius!"

    Not that Rebbe ever told me what he was thinking, but that's what I saw on his face.

  4. Shmuel, I also liked the reminder to appreciate the fact that H-Shem deals with us personally. Especially in a world where its so hard to find that personal touch, and therefore so hard to trust anyone!