Inspired by Reb Kalonymos Kalman's ideal of a group of people coming together with the common goal of enhancing their service of God, increasing their sensitivity to all things spiritual, strengthening their love of acheinu kol beis Yisrael, and unlocking the enormous potential that we all have to cleave to the Almighty.

Interaction and discussion of practical ideas and concepts toward this end, culled from any Torah true source is welcome and appreciated.

Observations and personal experiences are also welcome; the point is to grow!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Fortress

Made to protect, this fortress is strong
It shelters me from the elements that erode
The very essence of who I am
It almost as old as creation and waits for me
Protecting, guiding, helping me
A constant in an every changing world
I allow myself to enter it and leave renewed
Ready to face challenges unknown
Walls reverberate with music that draws me in
And back to when I began to realize that it need
This fortress
The safety and protection is unyielding if only
I accept it and treasure it
Shabbos Kodesh


  1. שבת - מעין עולם הבא

    ... שהאדם לא נברא אלא להתענג על ה' וליהנות מזיו שכינתו, שזהו התענוג האמתי והעידון הגדול בכל העידונים שיכולים להימצא. ומקום העידון הזה באמת הוא העולם הבא... (MY ch 1)

    ה' צבקות עמנו משגב לנו אלקי יעקב סלה (Tehillim 46:12)


  2. What a beautiful poem. A perfect inaugural post to the blog. Thanks!